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I have mono and it sucks. today i am feeling a lil better, i took advil to make some of the pain go away. kinda sucks missing school...GEe im missing out on so much gossip! *giggle and twirls hair with finger* haha. but seriously, im feeling alot better than i had been a day or too ago. but im still sick of sstaying home! >_< and im really hungry. this is pissing me off UGH!

i finished the 5th book in the Cirgque Du Freak series by Darren Shan. im starting the 6th one now. im excited to finish it. after im done reading that one, i have another new book to read. Dangerous Girls by RL Stine. i have a feeling its going to be quite good ^_^. even tho i am sick, im going to go see my boyfriend today, im excited for that because i miss him, and i havent been out of my house in so long..ahh what a relief it will be! ^_^.

this community is kinda dead, no one writing in it. thats why i decided to complain about me being sick in it lol. PEOPLE WRITE IN HERE OR ILL COME SLASH YOUR THROAT! hehe just kidding! ^_^

well hmm, im gunna post some pictures out of pure boredness.

hahah dont be scared now... i took these pics when i was really hyper at 3. am and i was talking to my friend emma online...i am QUITE ugly in these pics but im sure they will make you laugh ^_^


lets take a trip down memory lane!!

that was in like 3rd or 4th grade

summer b4 9th grade right after i got my hair cut

8th grade school pic haha

right b4 8th grade started

^ 8th grade pics
and i could help but put this adorable pic in here..

my boyfriend as a baby EE he was so cute!!! ^_^ ^_^
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