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where the unperfect go to play

come...play with us...

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All Members , Moderated
Where the unperfect come to play...

There are moderators and there are rules.

I am the only moderator so far...im looking for people willing to help though.

1.when you first join...
Give name. age. and why you joined.
Tell us about you. but don.t give
us your whole life story.

2. if you post a picture, put it behind a cut.
if you don.t know how to do that go here

3.Be nice... :D

4. Just because a rule isn.t up yet...doesn.t mean when i ask you not to do it, i won.t delete you off the list if you do it again.

there will be more rules as this place expands

:D so be warned.

here you can post almost anything