~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~ (bccghettoprep) wrote in unperfect_dolls,
~*Bottomless coffee cups and stolen cigarettes*~

Ill admit im a poser to the extream..

I joined this community because one of my friends is a memeber and she told me to, i am the worst person in the world when it comes to peer pressure.. But i love you unperfectsin.. You are my boo..

Well, my name is andrew, but i am known to the masses as drew, le` fag, rupaula, and many others behind my back im sure. I am seventeen, live in the wonderful land of flakes, fruits, and nuts (battle creek) and am working on a management promotion at mcfuckerville.. I am probably the worlds biggest sell out for that, but money will be ok and it will get me through college..
I am a drop out, who smokes and does so many drugs that i need a religious event (lent) to take a break.. I have built my reputation on being the worlds biggest bitch when it comes to honesty, im really not afraid to tell anyone anything..

I guess that i dont know what the hell else to say, che la vie.
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